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Why is it important?

Taste:Preference:Rheology Correlation

Food Fillings

Foods need to look artistic and taste well.  The texture, consistency, stiffness, yield stress are key factors that influence taste.

Rheology Temperature Dependence


Desserts are a difficult rheology study because both the properties and the temperature dependence are very important..

Rheology of Foams

Cremes and Whips

Foams are a complex study in the science of rheology and so very important in the foods industry.  

Oscillatory Yield Stress Measurements

Strain Sweeps are a key metric in studying yield stress behavior.

Rheology Test Suites

The exact test selection depends on the nature of the formulation and the objective of the measurement.

Sensory Testing and Rheology Studies

The food industry takes sensory research and panels to a very high level.  Even pumps in plants can generally not be replaced with out proof that the change is not sensory perceptive.  

No real yield stress argument

Frankly, no mattter how you mince, slice or dice it, some dispersions and gel systems do appear to have a solid-to-liquid transition, which we typically refer to as a yield stress.  This is may be abrupt or gradual.  It can be measured.

Vane Tools for Yield Stress Measurements

The use of vane tools for yield stress measurements can be attributed to Boger in the early 1980s.

We at Fluid Dynamics have been making our custom vane tools for many, many years and using them for research and QC methods development.  

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