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Coefficient of Friction - Avalanche Angle

We have an instrument that gives a quick check of your powders’ flow behavior.   Watch our u-tube video for a simple view of how it works and what you get to see during a test, varying the speed of rotation.

Avalanche Angle Cruiser


Click above link to watch our short U Tube video on our Avalanche Angle Cruiser:

Remember the important variables

Many vendors are offering various flow tests and compression tests to evaluate processability of powders.  There probably isn’t a single test that tells the whole story.

A good starting point is the Avalanche Angle Cruiser - lets you visually observe and identify the key attributes affecting flowability.

You can vary the speed of testing and get the angle of avalanche at each set of conditions.

Contact us for additional information or to arrange for us to test your powders.


How Does Your Powder Flow? Powder Testing

Particle size

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Static Charge